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👋 Who are we?

Our Mission

We recognize the power of music education to not only uncover and polish these hidden gems but also to instill in them the values of discipline, teamwork, and cultural appreciation. Our mission is to provide a platform where the youth of General Santos can explore their musical talents, engage in enriching cultural exchanges, and prepare for a future where they not only perform on international stages but also contribute positively to their communities. By joining GYOCC, young musicians embark on a journey towards artistic excellence and personal growth, knowing that their development is crucial for a brighter, more harmonious world.

Start of a Journey

The GenSan Youth Orchestra and Choir Corporation (GYOCC) was founded in May 2014 by Attorney Ramon Melliza and his family, marking the beginning of a transformative journey in music education. Initially intended for a music camp at Mountain View College, the program found its home in GenSan, hosted by Central Philippine Adventist College, under the guidance of Dr. Claudio Gonzales from Andrews University, Michigan, USA. The inaugural camp attracted students from abroad and across the Philippines, laying the foundation for an annual program that has flourished for over a decade. Over the years, GYOCC has achieved remarkable milestones, including providing scholarships to talented musicians for studies at prestigious institutions like St. Scholastica. The organization also extended its impact to street children, offering them the opportunity to perform at significant venues such as Resorts World Manila, in collaboration with Batang Star Philippines Inc. and its CEO, Edward Lacanilao

Internationally Competitive
Internationally Competitive

Gensan Youth Choir

Expanding its reach, GYOCC introduced the GenSan Youth Choir in 2018, further enriching its program offerings. The choir quickly rose to prominence, securing 2 gold medals and certificates at the 4th Cantata Macau International Choral Competition and Festival in November 2019, a testament to its excellence and the orchestra’s global appeal. These achievements underscore GYOCC’s commitment to nurturing musical talent and providing transformative experiences for youth.